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"Inception of Innovation"

In 1997, Ajesh Ashok's vision birthed Al Shafaq, streamlining filtration procurement globally. From humble origins, Ajesh's foresight catapulted us into a leading force in the industry. Our mantra, 'Filtering Excellence, Empowering Connections,' symbolizes our journey from startup to international leader, uniting continents under a singular hub for filtration solutions.





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What makes us special?

“Think Filter “

In the heart of Al Shafaq lies a vision born from the simplicity of innovation—our 'Think Filter' philosophy. Since our establishment in 1997, we've been on a mission to revolutionize the filtration landscape, offering a seamless, all-encompassing solution for our clients’ diverse needs. 

Our journey is driven by the credo 'Simplify to Amplify,' ensuring every client enjoys streamlined access to to an expansive range of specialized filtration solutions.

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With more than two and a half decade of expertise and proven track record, Al Shafaq is one of the best in the filter business.

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from our clients

“Our experience with Al Shafaq Filters has been outstanding. The quality of their filters is exceptional, and their commitment to customer service is unparalleled. We appreciate having a trustworthy partner for our filtration needs.”
David John
“I recently purchased some filters from Al Shafaq , and I am very happy with my experience. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me choose the perfect filter for my needs.”
Muhammed Issa
“I bought filters from Popular Filter Shop, they have an extensive selection of filters for all types of Heavy engines , trucks, and mechanical devices, available at wholesale and individual prices. The staff was incredibly helpful and guided me to the perfect products for my needs. Whether you're purchasing in bulk or just one filter, Popular Filter Shop delivers excellent service and top-quality products. This shop is now my first choice for all my filter requirements.”
Noufal P

why people choose us?

Initiating a request for a customized filter with Al Shafaq is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to us through our official contact channels, including phone, email, or our website. Provide essential details such as the equipment's name, part number, or share samples, if possible. Our dedicated team ensures a prompt response and engages in a detailed consultation to thoroughly understand your unique filtration needs. This collaborative approach enables us to tailor the most effective and economical filtration solution for your specific system. At Al Shafaq, our commitment to precision and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of delivering customized filters that seamlessly align with your operational requirements.

People choose us for their filtration needs due to our unparalleled commitment to excellence. With over 27 years of specialized expertise, we offer tailored solutions for various filtration requirements. Our personalized filter service, fast delivery options, and a proven track record of reliability make us the preferred choice in the industry.

Al Shafaq Auto Spare Parts Trading is a beacon of innovation in the filter industry, established in 1997. Our business revolves around providing specialized filtration solutions for Oil, Fuel, Hydraulics, Water, Air-Oil Separators, Fuel-Water Separators, and transmission filters. We focus on heavy-duty equipment and marine engines, ensuring precision, reliability, and excellence in every filter we deliver.

Al Shafaq stands out from other competitors through a combination of experience, precision, and innovation. We offer a personalized filter service, ensuring that your specific needs are met efficiently. Our commitment to excellence is further highlighted by emergency fast courier options for timely deliveries. With over 27 years of expertise, a proven track record, and a focus on tailored solutions, Al Shafaq is uniquely positioned as a leader in the filter business.